Sunday, 16 September 2007

Autumn blowin' in!

Well, things have been really busy, and that was just the summer!! I honestly cannot comprehend how people with full lives have the time to constantly update things like Facebook or Blogs.

In honour of my Darlin’ Pup, who is aged 10 today, here is my feeble attempt at updating.
  • Our Village Children’s Choir will commence this week, with Buddy Auditions on Wednesday. For kids in Years 4, 5, & 6, our first rehearsal will be next week. We are in partnership with our terrific village primary school, and have fantastic support from the PCC. So lots of work to get the word out, organise, and prepare the music. Christmas will be upon us before you can say Harvest Supper!

  • Dear One and I put up quite a production for our village's 10th annual Scarecrow Festival last weekend. He constructed the Scarecrow, and I and one of our wonderful neighbours baked goodies and served peach iced tea, hot tea, and home brewed coffee for our Texas Tea Tables extravaganza. I was reminded that Brits cannot comprehend the need for cold drinks that contain any or more than four ice cubes when skies are overcast and cloudy. But quite a few folks tried the peach iced tea out and politely commented on the nice taste. Hmmm... We were just one of several individual stalls located throughout the village, but managed to take in over £168 for our charity (our parish church) over the two days! Dear One set up the sound for great C&W music coming straight from the Texas Broadcasting Network to waft over the Upper High Street (ain’t Broadband great?). Our friends, H & R, wowed folks with their violin and guitar playing with a couple of inspiring sets, and Consensus Vocalis busked for charity as well. Daughter A and Friend G were indispensible in their help and were terrific servers for those who came for a cuppa something, a baked treat, and to sit a spell.
  • Click here for more photos of the Scarecrow Festival.

  • I joined the Village Quilter's class last week, and am now deep into a Quillow project for Dear One. The group is a gathering of some awesome ladies, all ages. My brain is sore from all the super quilting tricks they were eager to share. Bets are on I can finish the Quillow in time to put under the tree for Christmas, or before Dear One's feet freeze off, whichever comes first!
    Click here to the link for the best little quilt shop in the Shires!


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