Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Welcome to Views from My Garden!

The views will be reflections on some of my favourite Topics.

Some TOPICS for viewing:
  • The ARTS in Music, Theatre, Film, Dance, and Worship

    Through the Teachings of Christ
    Its Development through History & Society
    In World Cultures
    In Today's World
    In Relationship to other Belief Systems
    The Spiritual Journey


Every garden needs pruning and weeding. The landscape will at times need re-designing and re-shaping. But the results, when one can sit back and relax, can be fragrant, fulfilling, inspirational, and uplifting. I will take special care to be disciplined with my entries. Should I fail to tend the Garden one day, then more planting, pruning, and growth will occur on another. I won't always use garden metaphors.

For this day, it is time to come in from the Garden. But I am already looking forward to my next visit ... even if the sun is hiding!

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